Tuesday, 16 December 2008

This book is a fantastic photographic guide to the underwater world of the South Pacific.

Over 750 stunning color photos display the fascinating world of the Soft Coral Capital and its inhabiting creatures, photographed in their natural environment, as never seen before.

This book is not a field guide with listings or descriptions of all the species.

The intention of the author is to give some impression from down there and make people aware of the breathtaking beauty of the coral reef and its underwater life. It is also an incitation in protecting such wild beauty!

Nevertheless, most of the animals in this book have been correctly identified by fellow divers and scientists. 320 pages.

About the Author
Achim Nimmerfroh was born in 1976, in Germany. During several trips to tropical islands, he started to explore the world below the surface.

To discover more of what is out and down there, he decided in 2001 to travel the world.

During his journey he got hooked on scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and became a diving professional soon after, when he arrived in Fiji.

Since then he has dove in areas around Australia, New Zealand and multiple destinations all over the South Pacific. But by far the most of about 2000 hours spent underwater was in several different parts of Fiji.

Searching for extraordinary critters and marine life, whether by reef walking, snorkeling or scuba diving, to show people the beauty of coral reefs became a large part of his life. Underwater photography is his favorite activity. His photos and articles about the world below the ocean in Fiji have been published in several magazines and other publications around the globe.

Besides that, he loves to discover and explore new underwater areas and to find spots where he is the first to see what is down there...

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