Monday, 29 December 2008

ScubaBoard - Find a Dive Buddy

Most divers want to dive with a dive buddy.’s new BuddyMatrix makes it easy for members to locate each other by either using their US Zip code, or Latitude/Longitude Coordinates (for non-US residents).

Not only does the BuddyMatrix allow search by distance, but it also lets the user specify several criteria if they choose.

Users can specify that they want to find Instructors, Dive Shops, Dive Operations, and more. What makes the buddymatrix even more fun and user friendly, is that the results are listed on a “Google Map”! This feature is free for everyone to use, but only members can be listed.

So if you’re not yet a member, head over to and register (for free) for ScubaBoard and the BuddyMatrix today.

ScubaBoard - Find a Dive Buddy

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