Thursday, 28 July 2011

Drop Zone: Fiji Powers Up More Than 100,000 Fuel TV Households

Exciting dive and surf documentary turns viewers on to diving and the underwater world

Released on: 7/27/2011

More than 100,000 households tuned in to Drop Zone: Fijiduring the month of May, introducing viewers to the exciting world of scuba diving. This action-packed dive and surf documentary produced by PADI, Body Glove, Air Pacific andSport Diver magazine, first premiered on Fuel TV in March and continues to generate interest in diving among members of Generations X and Y.

FUEL TV is dedicated to the sports, lifestyle and humor of males ages 12-34. “Having Drop Zone: Fiji on FUEL TV is a tremendous opportunity for the dive industry because it introduces a new audience to the sport. The numbers of viewers not only proves that Drop Zone: Fiji is a hit, it demonstrates Gen Y’s growing interest in becoming divers,” says PADI Americas Vice President of Marketing and Communications Kristin Valette.

In addition to airing on FUEL TV, thousands of viewers have seen Drop Zone: Fiji on university campuses, at trade shows or in restaurants and hotels at more than fifteen venues throughout North America. “Scuba diving is receiving an ever-increasing amount of attention from nonendemic media as a result of Drop Zone: Fiji,” continues Valette. “In fact, water sports enthusiasts are now learning about diving through surf-related magazines, trade shows and online channels.”

PADI Members can purchase DVD versions of Drop Zone: Fiji and Drop Zone: Tahiti by contacting their PADI Sales Consultant and soon will be able to download digital versions from the iTunes Store. For more information, contact PADI Americas Marketing Consultant Cambria McConnell.

Drop Zone: Fiji Powers Up More Than 100,000 Fuel TV Households