Thursday, 4 December 2008

Dive market vital for tourism growth - Fiji Times Online

Dive market vital for tourism growth

Monday, November 17, 2008

DIVING is also an important market segment in the tourism sector, says Rudiger Knospe group leader of the German tour operators who are on a familiarisation tour of the country.

Mr Knospe arrived with five other top German tour operators for a tour of Fiji's exceptional diving and varied dive sites but the professional standards engaged by our Dive Operators.

"Diving is an important segment as many people from Australia New Zealand flock to Fiji because of its beaches and we also have our beaches back in Germany," he said.

"But it was important for the Pacific to also tap into the dive market as it plays a vital role."

Mr Knospe said the familiarisation tour was an initiative between the Fiji Visitors bureau's Europe office in-conjunction with Air Pacific.

He said the Fiji dive familiarisation, was to create more destination awareness for the country.

He said it was also a great opportunity for Fiji to showcase its fascinating culture, exceptional friendly people and the lush, mountainous topside landscape and throwing in for good measure are the 400 plus coral species and 1,200 varieties of saltwater fish, making Fiji the perfect destination for divers

Dive market vital for tourism growth - Fiji Times Online

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