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Students breed clams for future - Fiji Times Online

Students breed clams for future

Monday, September 29, 2008
STUDENTS of Vunisea Secondary School in Kadavu are playing an instrumental role in breeding clams.
Seven students, under the guidance of Kadavu Yaubula management support team coordinator Josaia Ravulo, went on a clam diving expedition on Friday and were given first-hand practical lessons about the breeding program.
The marine studies program at Vunisea Secondary School is sponsored by AusAID and is in its third module this term.

Mr Ravulo said the students would be involved in practical research aspects of marine life, particularly the breeding of clams.

He led the students on an early morning dive for young clams to be transferred to Cevai, Ravitaki, Galoa and Solovola villages.

The students snorkelled in a passage at Solovola Village for young clams that were bred in a cage and transferred to the Ravitaki, Cevai, Muani and the islands of Matanuku and Galoa.

The young clams were transferred into triangular cages for their relocation and the students were instructed to secure the cages against rocks to keep away predators.

The clams were kept in the water in a sack and transferred to Muani and Galoa on Saturday.

Vunisea Secondary School principal Serupepeli Udre said the program was introduced early this year where students were taught how to mould a fibreglass boat and maintain and repair outboard engines.

Students breed clams for future - Fiji Times Online

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