Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fiji Airways new A330s

Fiji Airways – Look to the sky and say ‘BULA’!

The first A330 arrives home here in Fiji TODAY and before touch-down, will do a fly-by over certain locations in Fiji (take a look at the fly-by scheduled route below) – so look up to the sky as soon as you hear a plane overhead  and join us in shouting ‘BULA’ to welcome her home.
Flying under a new name and with a new brandmark, the new A330s represent the first aircraft designed exclusively for Fiji and Fiji’s national airline.
Flying under a new name and with a new brandmark, the new A330s represent the first aircraft designed exclusively for Fiji and Fiji’s national airline.
The aircraft began her inaugural journey from the Airbus’ manufacturing centre in Toulouse, France. Pausing briefly in Hong Kong, she will arrive at Nadi International Airport to a crowd of people eagerly waiting to see her touch down.
Air Pacific is rebranding and re-launching as Fiji Airways, which sees the airline return to its 1951 name of ‘Fiji Airways’.
‘We are delighted that the Airbus A330 was chosen as the “canvas” on which to launch the airline’s new brand ‘Fiji Airways’, said John Leahy, Airbus’ Chief Operating Officer – Customers. The A330s will feature comfortable seats with excellent legroom and in seat power and entertainment in Pacific Voyager/economy, and TV size entertainment screens and angled lay flat beds in Tabua/Business Class, proudly representing FIJI in the high end arena alongside the other big name international airline’s.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

We did it! Celebrating Historic Decisions for Sharks and Rays | Project AWARE

An outpouring of support from the scuba diving community for critical CITES protections
This is a significant and historic achievement for marine species in general, specifically manta rays which are the first Elasmobranch species to be listed under CITES on the first attempt
Ania Budziak, Project AWARE Associate Director, Science & Policy

Five species of highly traded sharks, both manta rays and one species of sawfish were listed under CITES at the conclusion of CoP16 held this month in Bangkok, Thailand. Delegates from 170 countries considered 70 proposals affecting more than 300 species, including eight of some of the most vulnerable sharks and manta rays.

We did it! Celebrating Historic Decisions for Sharks and Rays | Project AWARE:

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Brand New Yachting and Cruising Guide to Fiji Launched!

Great diving section in here!

 In celebration of the growing yacht tourism industry in Fiji, a new and comprehensive guide to the shores and marinas of Fiji has been published this week, A Mariners Guide to FIJI Shores & Marinas. 
The 244-page guide has been the brainchild of two local women entrepreneurs, Andrée Matson Yee and Heidi Williams-Moy.
Andrée, the Art Director, stated, “It’s like an in-flight magazine, but for tourists sailing here rather than flying. The guide is designed for people who have the time and resources to explore; people with no timetable or deadline, people who can reach the farthest islands easily, transporting with them their supplies and accommodation that makes visiting places that would otherwise be restricted, possible.”

See: FIJI Shores and Marinas

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Marine life increases in Fiji MPA

Great articlke by Kirsty in this week';s Fiji Times!

A MARINE park in Waitabu, Taveuni, has recorded a significant increase in fish and marine species. 
The development comes after the communities of Waitabu, Lavena, Wai, Vurevure and Bouma expressed interest in finding out how the new, seven-month-old tabu tara area directly outside their villages was affecting fish numbers and coral growth. 
A group of dedicated marine lovers came together to take part in their annual marine survey. 
Host and Island Spirit director Kirsty Barnby said more marine species were sighted compared to last year's survey. 
For beche-de-mer (sea cucumber), she said a healthy increase from 107 to 176 were recorded in the tabu tara area this year. 
"Baby beche-de-mer are breeding in the tabu tara area and as a result, juveniles are being seen in the tabu tara for the first time — 156 were recorded in the tabu tara area," Ms Barnby said. 
For the first time, she said levels of coral have increased and seaweed levels were decreasing in the tabu tara area. 
"Due to the increase in coral, 300 ika loa lailai (small surgeon fish) were noted in the tabu tara. 
"They feed on seaweed which in turn aids coral growth," Ms Barnby said.

Full article here: Marine life increases - Fiji Times Online

Friday, 8 March 2013

Being a Responsible Diver

It is important to support operations that care passionately about our precious underwater environment.
Divers are some of the strongest and most effective advocates for coral reef conservation.
As a responsible diver, consider our comprehensive list below when choosing which operator to dive with.
See this great article on Fiji Shores and Marinas:  Being a Responsible Diver