Friday, 12 December 2008

Reef by Scubazoo

This brilliant photographic compilation by small Malaysian-based diving collective ScubaZoo introduces the ecology of oceanic reefs, both temperate and tropical. Though technological advances and the devastation of global reefs have spurred many experienced diver-photographers to publish photo collections, the dazzling photography in this one stands out dramatically, as does its inclusion of images made simultaneously by still and video photographers (the book includes a DVD.) The photographs allow close study of coral, fish, crustaceans and many other enchanting creatures, while the video shows the vivid activity of the reef habitat. The helpful text provides a solid introduction to reef ecology, divided into reef landscapes, their inhabitants' survival behaviors, conservation issues and a broader look at reefs worldwide. The sole problem with the book is the lack of scale indications: it's hard to tell if a given animal is minute or enormous. But this is a small quibble: the book provides an excellent introduction to fragile reef ecosystems. (Sept.)

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"Color bursts forth like confetti from each page of this stunning visual adventure...highly recommended." -- The Alternative Consumer

"This beautiful book is filed with gorgeous photographs...Scubazoo...has done a magnificent job of portraying the reef community." -- Library Journal

"[A] brilliant photographic compilation...dazzling." -- Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)

"[A] unique pictorial celebration." -- Advanced Diver magazine

Coral reefs are often called "the rainforests of the sea" because of the quantity and diversity of life they support, and because they are highly sensitive and threatened ecosystems. Building on the success of DK's Rainforest, this unique pictorial celebration of the worlds reefs progresses through an ecological chain that goes from algae, sponges, and mollusks to the thousands of fishes that make their homes there. This vivid collection of photographs, from underwater photography collective Scubazoo, reveals reefs as they've never been seen before.
  • Features reefs worldwide, from Southeast Asia to the Red Sea and Hawaii
  • Captions identify plant and animal life and quotes give additional background information
  • Photographic narratives demonstrate how reefs live/die, and how creatures depend on them
  • Published in cooperation with the American Museum of Natural History
Sales of this book support the Coral Reef Alliance.

About the Author
Scubazoo is a dedicated team of divers, photographers, marine biologists, and conservationists, who have devoted their lives to the filming and preservation of reefs worldwide. Their work includes filming for productions broadcast on National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, BBC, and NBC News. The group is based in Sabah, on the island of Borneo. Scubazoo works with the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace International, the Reef Environmental Education Fund, and the Shark Trust. 

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