Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Industry Pros, Divers Invited to Sign Up for SCUBA STAR NET

Scuba divers have a new way to help one another and themselves: It’s called the

Scuba Safety, Tracking and Reporting Network.

The Scuba STAR Network is an independent organization with a twofold purpose: it’s dedicated to improving safety for divers; and it seeks to increase awareness of procedural and equipment issues within the diving community as a whole.

The Scuba STAR Network also works closely with Divers Alert Network to gather safety data and to bring safety concerns to the attention of the diving public. The Network publishes a regular safety column in DAN's Alert Diver magazine to assist in this effort.

The goals of the network are to:
  • • promote dive safety through education;
  • • collect data regarding diving incidents and safety issues;
  • • provide safety-related reports for the diving community; and
  • • support research in the field of scuba safety.

How does it work? It’s powered by the dive community itself. Through diver input, the network can provide needed safety information about specifics in scuba diving. 

For a taste, log on to http://www.scubastarnet.com/11822.html to check out the results of recent surveys. You’ll be surprised at some facts you read, and you’ll likely have some “aha” moments as well when you see your viewpoints strengthened on matters.

How can you participate? The primary means the network collects information is through an anonymous incident reporting system. Modeled after NASA’s Aviation Safety Report System for pilots, the network’s Diving Incident Reporting Form provides a mechanism through which divers can report incidents, near-misses, and other safety concerns. 

How can you find out more? When you log on to the home page at http://www.scubastarnet.com/ you find an easy-to-use directory for finding the reporting forms, viewing survey results, participating in the most current survey and reading about product recalls. The site is growing, so look for more features to arrive.

If you’d like more information, go to http://www.scubastarnet.com/878.html.

THIS JUST IN: The Scuba STAR Network’s first annual safety report is in production. Keep your sights here for more information on how to get your copy.

Scuba STAR Network

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