Sunday, 21 December 2014

Fiji is PADI's ScubaEarth Featured Destination

PADI Asia Pacific is delighted to advise that the weekly diving destination featured on ScubaEarth™ is currently showcasing Fiji.

ScubaEarth™ is an online scuba resource and social community for divers and other water lovers. It’s a robust, one-stop site to research, plan and share dive experiences providing a host of information.
Please take a look at the ScubaEarth Featured Destination on Fiji.

ScubaEarth is already a high traffic website for the scuba diving industry as it’s powered by PADI and PADI Members and with an average of 50,000+ unique visitors each month – it presents 130,000+ consumers (divers or potential divers) to reach, engage and convert.


PADI Asia Pacific