Saturday, 20 December 2008

Fiji Is The Soft Coral Capital of the World

Fiji scuba diving will surely be a great surprise for anyone that tries it as they will meet a great diversity of species in those fantastic waters. Fiji's waters offer one of the most exciting marine lives that scuba diving fans can see. Fiji is an archipelago surrounded by a giant reef. Fiji's waters are very good for snorkeling therefore you can find there thousands of dive sites.

Water sports in Fiji it is also very popular because the sites are very easy to be accessed and the water's temperatures are very warm. During winter, the temperatures don't usually get lower than 25C. The visibility in Fiji's waters is also very good for all underwater activities except for the summer days when it rains. You can find the best conditions for your vacation in Fiji early in the morning because the wind doesn't start to blow.

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