Sunday, 8 November 2009

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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Into the Drink with Aaron Faulls :: Produced by, producers of the new dive travel television show called “Into the Drink,” will be debuting the first episode during next week's Diving Equipment and Marketing Association SCUBA trade show in Orlando, Florida.

“Into The Drink” is a travel show like no other: Imagine if Jacques Cousteau and Hunter S. Thompson adopted a wayward orphan. Host Aaron Faulls is part fish, part rock star, taking viewers past the known and into the unknown.

This adventure has a twist that keeps us interested and informed. Aaron takes us all into the drink on an intoxicating celebration of exotic destinations near and far, experiencing and touring local breweries and distilleries and diving into eclectic nightlife in regions shared by some of the most mystifying creatures in the ocean.

The syndicated show will begin airing coast-to-coast in January 2010, as well as internationally. Primary distribution will be on the newly-launched Tuff TV network. For information about where and when to tune in, and to view episode trailers, go to

The sights, the sounds and even the smells from the sometimes unique local spirits to the poshest vineyards; from the tide’s ebb to the wrecks, whales and adrenaline-pumping marine life in the middle of the deep blue sea. Who says drinking and diving don’t mix? It is all about the order of life that allows you to live it. If Anthony Bourdain has no reservations, then Aaron Faulls has no limitations. is filming the first season of “Into the Drink” in 2009, and what makes them unique is that they’re inviting divers to join them on-location in destinations including Guadalupe Island, Mexico to film great white sharks aboard the MV Nautilus Explorer, Sunset House on Grand Cayman, Wakatobi Resort and Pelagian Live-aboard in Indonesia, and Qamea Resort and Spa in Fiji. For more information about these trips and how you can join them, please visit NOTE: Book any one of these trips and you'll automatically be entered to win a complete set of Scubapro gear!

The newly-launched “Into the Drink” fan web site includes features such as show trailers, a message board, blog, online store, information about where and when to watch the show, bio of the host Aaron Faulls, sponsors, and much more. Visit for more information.

Into the Drink with Aaron Faulls :: Produced by