Saturday, 30 June 2018

Fiji Scuba Diving - Taveuni Adventures

Fiji Scuba Diving - Taveuni Adventures!!! Just a short clip from this awesome trip to Fiji to meet dive centres around Taveuni and Savusavu.

Thanks for all the hospitality, 3 more days in Savusavu meeting members and running a member forum then off to Pacific Harbour for the day...

I will have to wait to get home to edit a full length Vlog of this epic adventure but in the mean time, enjoy the short clips and let me know if you like them :-)

Massive thanks to Garden Island Resort and their team for having me out on the boat to do the Rainbow Reef while I was there :-)

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Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Taveuni Island Resort & Spa 2018

Friday, 1 June 2018

Fiji 2018