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While vacationing in Fiji, there are numerous activities in which to participate during your surface intervals. With more than 300 islands to explore, you probably won't be staying in one spot for very long. Fiji prides itself on being as active a destination as possible with adventures available by land, air and sea. If you'd rather kick-back during your topside time, however, activities like guided tours through national parks, museums and villages, or lavish cruises along the islands are available.

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Fiji offers a variety of natural wonders including volcanic mountains, rainforests and waterfalls; as well as a locally famous cave called Naihehe. There are also archaeological sites to visit as well as sugar cane and vegetable farms. The hiking in Fiji is fairly mild and low-impact.

Aerial Tours
The view of Fiji and her islands can only be appreciated fully when taken in from high above. There are many seaplane and helicopter options for touring the islands from a bird's-eye vantage point.

Sky Diving/ Parasailing
For the serious adrenaline junkies out there, Fiji's Nadi Airport offers the experience of a lifetime –jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet above one of the world's most beautiful tropical locations. If you're not quite ready to take the plunge, try parasailing. Experience the thrill and sail high above this tropical paradise for up to 60 minutes, with options for a solo, tandem or even triple parasail.

Water Sports
Enjoy the warmth of the sun while staying cool on the water. In Fiji the options are endless with opportunities for surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and jet-skiing. For the adventurous, try a rollicking white-water raft trip down the Navua River's conservation area that passes through many traditional Fijian villages.

Enjoy the show as Fijian men and women perform traditional storytelling in song and dance. A good place to experience the cultural side of Fiji is the Arts Village located in Pacific Harbor.
Indulge in this traditional Fijian feast known for offering food wrapped in banana leaves and slow cooked in an earth oven. A whole pig is usually the main attraction of this feast.
Watch as local Fijians and Indians participate in this fascinating traditional performance.

Cruises/Charters and Sailing
Feel the ocean breeze, watch the sunset or simply feel the soothing rock of the ocean beneath you. There are opportunities to do it all, including a relaxing cruise around the islands to take in the beauty of the crystal-blue waters of the Pacific.


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