Tuesday, 8 July 2008


We have never seen reefs with such spectacular colour and abundance of fishlife as we found with NAI'A in Fiji. The shallow reef tops in particular ended each dive in a mind-blowing sensory overload that inspired this video. We just felt these views had to be shared with the world!

- Josh Jensen & Liz Harlin, filmmakers

Former NAI'A cruise directors have released a unique DVD designed to revolutionise living spaces by transforming TV screens into a window on the world's most stunning coral reefs.


Josh Jensen and Liz Harlin are now based in Australia as underwater imagery specialists with their own company, Undersea Productions www.underseaproductions.com Their latest project, Reefscapes: Nature's Aquarium, presents the spectacular beauty of Fiji's coral reefs "as if you were right there," said Jensen.

"We created it for homeowners looking for something colourful, dynamic and beautiful to showcase on their flatscreen TV.

"There's no dialogue, no story, just the sheer beauty of coral reefs - the ultimate work of art."

ReefscapesNature's Aquarium was filmed throughout Central Fiji while the duo worked (yeah, right) as NAI'A cruise directors and dive guides. The show is an hour-long collection of 137 seamlessly unfolding ocean scenes.

According to Harlin, most aquarium DVDs available are merely videos of a fish tank.

"But Nature's Aquarium is different because it is filmed on actual reefs," she said.

"The camera is fixed, so you still get the aquarium feel – except the action unfolds freely, not within the confines of glass walls, but in the South Pacific's limitless blue."

Nature's Aquarium includes a bonus feature called Reefscapes: A Closer Look. It's a 20-minute virtual dive allowing the viewer to meet the colourful characters on Fiji's reefs using optional identifying subtitles.

A preview from Nature's Aquarium can be watched on the Undersea Productions website, and the DVD can be purchased online for $19.95 plus shipping. Visit www.underseaproductions.com

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