Friday, 4 July 2008

Dive Company President Helps Buy Thousands of Wheelchairs for Fijian People

Not all of Susan Shaw's trip to Fiji are exclusively for diving. She's also taken up the cause of providing wheelchairs for those in need!

Many of you have met Susan Shaw before. She's often staffing the Divegear booth at trade shows and at DEMA. When you speak with Susan, she'll often tell you about a program that is near and dear to her heart - providing wheelchairs for needy people in Fiji.
Susan first realized this growing need on a trip to the islands a few years ago. Since that time, she has helped raised funds to purchase more than 3250 wheelchairs.
"I saw a need and made it a goal to work to meet that need," Susan says. "In the dive industry, we have often come across opportunities where we can make a difference. This program is something that I am fully invested in."

Each year Susan travels to Fiji to help deliver wheelchairs, purchased through her own donations and donations from others all over the country. Her goal? "I have promised the people of Fiji that I will make sure everyone who needs a wheelchair will get one."
If you would like to see more about this program, click on this link:
If you would like to read more about these chairs, please go to Free Wheelchair Mission The chairs come from the Free Wheelchair Mission, a 100% non profit organization in California. They ship chairs all over the world. If you would like to help change a life forever in Fiji, feel free to contact Susan directly via email or by phone: 949-553-1995. Blessings to all who have helped me in my personal crusade!

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Dagny said...

It never ceases to amaze me the kind of difference one person can make in so many people's lives.

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