Saturday, 5 July 2008

DISCOVER FIJI Scuba Travel Package


By Geri Murphy

Though known to many as just another one of those tiny countries on the other side of the globe, Fiji is actually an island paradise where fragrant flowers abound and azure waters grace some of the world's most beautiful palm-fringed beaches. Fiji also is a unique dive destination that features a wide array of topside and underwater adventures

World's Most Colorful Reefs:
Fiji's undersea fields of soft coral are legendary among traveling divers. Nowhere else will you find such vibrant colors and such a wide range of hues. Delicate hard coral formations are carpeted with pastel shades of lavender and lemon, punctuated by bright splashes of crimson red, juicy orange and royal purple. The reefs are a kaleidoscope of splendid colors and shapes.

Extraordinary Marine Life:
Fiji's Indo-Pacific species are nothing like the familiar fish of North America and the Caribbean. The exotic forms and brilliant colors of these precious tropicals amaze first-time visitors. Apricot-colored Clownfish and electric blue eels dance before your facemask in a carnival atmosphere."

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