Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Best Diving in Fiji at the 'Cannibal Islands'

Fiji is a holiday destination with so much to offer: hiking, nature, fabulous beaches and wonderful local people, that sometimes the quality of its diving can be overlooked. Anyone who has been on a diving holiday here, however, will tell quite a different story. Read on for details of the dive sites you can explore from our Fiji liveaboard cruises and dive resorts.

Diving over soft corals - photo courtesy of Mike Greenfelder

Conditions and underwater sights vary greatly here and while some places are tranquil and great for learning, most sites will enjoy some current, ranging from barely perceptible to very strong. It is this presence of current that makes the scuba diving in Fiji so rich.

Currents are the lifeblood of Fiji's reefs, kick-starting the food chain by sweeping nutrients to both corals and fish alike. Fiji is known as "The Soft Coral Capital of the World" and when the current flows the corals bloom into fabulous displays of colourful splendour. The currents also affect the water's visibility which can be the best around, with incoming currents bringing clear sea water into the lagoons and outgoing currents removing any cloudy lagoon water.

Lagoons are a feature of the islands and often the water remains shallow until some distance from shore. This means most Fiji diving is conducted from boat and also that the shorelines are great for adults and children alike to go snorkelling and swimming.

The Best Fiji Diving Destinations

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