Thursday, 23 August 2007

X-RAY MAG Issue No. 18 is published and ready for download

Popular online magazine continues to generate interest with great stories and information.

The September 2007 issue number 18 of X-RAY International Dive Magazine has been released. This late summer issue contains 94 spreads of dive news, travel stories, feature articles and underwater photography. Download of the current issue, archive issues and yearly subscriptions to X-RAY MAG is free.

In the current issue, divers and dive professionals will find comprehensive travel articles on Socorro Island off Mexico’s California peninsula, with text and photos by Barb Roy; Stunning images by Wolfgang Leander and Roger Horrocks freediving with Tiger sharks off South Africa.

Those with technical minds will find Cedric Verdier’s series on rebreathers – this time the subject is “Solo Diving with Rebreathers.” A bit provocative, perhaps? Well, give it a read and see for yourself

The photo and video section of the magazine is this time contributed by Swiss master photographer Kurt Amsler who generously shares his insights into strobe photography- Following a comprehensive news section full of current and compelling news from around the world on diving, divers, travel, education, ocean conservation, shipwrecks, giant squid and marine life, the new equipment and trends in the industry we have a short report on the latest events in Malaysia, the MIDE expo in Kuala Lumpur and Tioman MegaDive. And we tried and tested Scuba & Spa.

Last but not nearly least, we present the stunning underwater sculptures by Jason Taylor

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