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Contributed by Wandy Hochgrebe

Yes! We had arrived in Fiji for our two week stay. We were lucky that the Nadi (pronounced NaNdi) airport had very comfortable couches as we had to wait till midday for our flight to Kadavu (pronounced KaNdavu). During that time we learned the proper pronunciation of Nadi and Kadavu as they were announced over the speakers and we kept wondering why on the schedules they left out the 'n'. Obviously, we were very new to the Fijian language....

Kadavu is only one hour south of the main island Viti Levu by plane and it has a tiny little airport at Vinesea. From there, most transport is by boat as there are not many roads on the island.

Part 2: Matava

Main Bure at Matava, Kadavu, FijiIt only took us 30 minutes to get to Matava by boat. Each healand we passed and each corner we turned us showed us more of the undeveloped hills of Kadavu.

Matava itself is located in a small cove and at first sight you don't see much of the resort. However, once you step on land you can see the main bure right in front. The other bures where people stay are amongst beautiful tropical gardens with all kinds of flowering bushes, papaya trees and banana trees. Narrow paved walkways meander through the grass in all directions.

We were welcomed at the little jetty by Maggie, who gave us an introduction of the resort and how the diving was conducted. Our bure was only a short stroll away and yet felt very private.

Bure in garden setting at Matava, Kadavu, FijiBasically, we were staying half-way up the hill that forms the back-drop with a stunning view over the ocean. In the distance, we could see the waves breaking on the Astrolobe Reef. Again, we had big bunch of fresh flowers in our room and hibiscus flowers were put everywhere.


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