Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Impressive New Image Collection REEF Now Available

Proceeds from this high-quality collection by Scubazoo to benefit Coral Reef Alliance.

Coral reefs are the largest living structure on the planet, and yet at the present rate of destruction could mostly disappear by 2050. Created by the skeletons of live corals, they make up one percent of the Earth’s surface, are home to 25 percent of all marine fish species, provide food and livelihood for five million people, and generate billions of dollars in goods and services. These underwater marvels are the subject of DK’s REEF (September 2007; hardcover + DVD; $40), a comprehensive and stunning reference to the world’s “rainforests of the sea.” This book is not only a beautiful tour underwater, but it is also a serious call to action.

The superb collection of photographs found throughout REEF is provided by underwater photography specialists Scubazoo . This leading team of marine photographers has recorded these remarkable and important structures, along with equally important marine habitats, including temperate reefs, kelp forests, seagrass beds, and mangrove swamps.

REEF progresses in a series of photographic sections, describing the range of seascapes, the diversity of animals found there, and their survival techniques and behavioral patterns. The book also contains photographic essays that demonstrate the immense pressures—both natural and man-made—that threaten the continued survival of these unique environments. A series of maps highlights the distribution of reefs worldwide, and a behind-the-scenes section shows Scubazoo in action, capturing the images that are featured in the book.

In addition to the gorgeous photography, an accompanying 30-minute DVD offers breathtaking footage of much of the marine life featured in the book. For anyone interested in nature, diving, or conservancy—REEF will provide hours of enlightenment. Visit our website at to read a Q&A with Scubazoo , view footage from the DVD as well as images from the book, and order your own copy!

For more information about REEF, please contact Carroll Beauvais at; 646-674-4041 or Mindy Fichter at; 646-674-4042.

About the Authors:

Scubazoo is a dedicated team of underwater cameramen who have devoted their lives to the filming and preservation of reefs worldwide. The scope of their work covers a broad range of projects, including filming for the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, and NBC news channels.

The group is based in Sabah, on the island of Borneo, in an area of ocean known as the “coral triangle,” the heart of the world’s fish and coral biodiversity. Most of Scubazoo's personnel originally hail from Great Britain, and all share passion for the underwater world, which they are keen to communicate to as wide an audience as possible.

They dive 365 days a year at some of the world’s top diving locations. As a result, they see creatures and behavior that have rarely—and in some cases never—been filmed before. Their ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the Earth’s marine environment—its creatures and biology—and to highlight the importance and need for its conservation and preservation for the future. Scubazoo has worked to tackle conservation issues with organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace International, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation, WildAid, and the Shark Trust. Members of Scubazoo are available for interview.

About Sylvia Earle:

Sylvia Earle, foreword writer of REEF, is an oceanographer, marine botanist, ecologist, and author. A pioneering aquanaut and marine explorer, Earle made her first scuba dive at 17. She has since set the women’s depth record for solo diving (1,000 meters/3,281 feet) and logged more than 6,000 diving hours—feats that garnered her the moniker “Her Deepness.” The author of five books and numerous scientific and popular articles, Earle tirelessly calls for the preservation and exploration of the world’s marine ecosystems.

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