Tuesday, 5 June 2007

ScubaBoard Reaches Over 2 Million Divers A Month

Connect with over two million divers wanting to travel on ScubaBoard for as little as a $100/month!

Industry’s largest on-line community continues to grow and provide a valuable resource for members of the dive industry to reach potential customers.

That’s right; we are making it EASIER than ever for you to advertise in our travel sub forums. Here’s the deal. You can either get exclusive coverage in one of these sub forums for only $500/month or we will let you SHARE the sub forum with up to 5 other advertisers for only $100/month with your paid in full, six month commitment and your 468X60 internet ready banner. No other discounts apply and this is on a first come/first serve basis and applies to our travel forums only. Call your favorite rep to discuss the details and catch the ScubaBoard Magic.

No other media can reach so many potential customers for so little money. We have the divers you are looking for.

Contact one of the ScubaBoard professionals today for more details:

“Natasha” Newman - (713) 705-8606

Chris ”cerich” Richardson – (404) 579-7631

Pete “NetDoc” Murray – (407) 509-0947

Corporate – (407) 745-1516

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