Wednesday, 6 June 2007

DAN Launches Brand New Online Seminar

Latest innovative DAN online seminar addresses respiration issues.

Did you know that in scuba diving, immersion reduces your lung volume by shifting blood from the legs to the chest? That breathing resistance increases with depth? And that results when the density of your breathing gas increases, while restrictions in your breathing apparatus increase as well?

“Breathing Underwater is an Unnatural Act” is DAN’s newest addition to a growing list of online seminars, where divers and aficionados alike can delve deeper into diving topics — ears, decompression, inert gas exchange or diabetes.

Diving is easy under ideal conditions, but life on dry land doesn’t prepare us for what we’ll experience underwater, where conditions can be far from ideal. How these conditions affect respiration and consciousness is the subject of this presentation by former Navy SEAL and current DAN vice president of research Richard Vann, Ph.D.

Did you know that divers who breathe high oxygen partial pressures can generate more free radicals than the body can deactivate? But this is not usually a problem if divers ventilate properly and observe a few simple guidelines. This presentation gives divers the tools to understand the relationship of ventilation to carbon dioxide retention.

Want to know more? It’s as easy as a click: go to

Cost for this seminar – and others – is $25. The presentation on "diving and diabetes" is free.

Dive in and know more. And when you have questions, DAN is here for you.

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