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video                                                                     link                                                                     imageThe ocean covers 71% of the planet and humans share 100% of the responsibility for its health. SeaWeb uses the science of communications to persuade influential individuals to become leading voices for a healthy ocean.

Let me introduce you to one such extraordinary person we have the honor of working with in Fiji!

Savenaca Tete lives in one of the most biodiverse ocean ecosystems in the world. However, the ocean that surrounds his home is under threat and that means the health and livelihood of his family and his community are in jeopardy. In fact, the collapse of marine ecosystems means devastation to the lives of millions of people like him in the region. For Savenaca, working on environmental issues is not just a hobby, it's a matter of survival!

Workshop in FijiFor that reason, Savenaca joined with SeaWeb to create the Community Educator's Network. Through the network, SeaWeb provides science and communications training for ocean champions—many of whom walk for several hours to participate.

And, to cope with limited access to technology and electricity in these remote villages, SeaWeb raised the funds to design and produce waterproof flip charts that Savenaca and other leaders could carry back to their villages.

What started as an innovative way to build capacity in these villages has grown into a vibrant network powered by volunteers who are taking action to better manage their ocean resources.

The results have been astonishing! As the result of SeaWeb's outreach, Fijian villagers worked together to:

  • Fiji villagers holding flip chartmove their pigpens away from the shore to reduce nutrient runoff;
  • ban the use of chemicals to kill weeds;
  • remove solid waste from their shoreline and dig pits to better manage this waste;
  • replant upland slopes and mangrove areas;
  • stop poaching;
  • ban night-time scuba spear fishing; and
  • establish a marine protected area.

Saveneca and other leaders are awesome but they can't do it alone. Please join us in thanking them for organizing actions that have improved the ocean for all of us! Your gift this holiday season could help them to stay empowered to do their lifesaving work.

Thank you for your consideration.

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Dawn M. Martin

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