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One of the reasons why people travel to Fiji year in and year out are the magnificent scuba dive sites located all over the islands. Even if you’ve never taken one breath underwater, there has never been a better time to start. Choose between simple (and often complimentary) pool dives to get accustomed to life underwater or opt for a full licensed PADI Open Water Course available at many certified training facilities around the island.

In fact, it’s far more cost-effective to take PADI training in Fiji than in many other countries. This is especially true if you head to the Beqa Adventure Divers office in Pacific Harbour (contact info below). The instructors at this surprisingly affordable course somehow manage to make holding your breath fun.

Once you feel comfortable in the water, move on to the world famous shark dive that the company offers four times a week. You can swim with tiger sharks, bull sharks, and a whole host of brightly-coloured aquatic life, and it is actually a lot safer than it sounds. Experienced divers can of course skip the course and jump right into ancient shipwreck dives, witness an abundance of coral splendour, and explore mysterious underwater caves. Plus, the water around Fiji is always warm enough for a deep ocean dive.

Best Dive Sites in Fiji
• Great Astrolabe Reef (Near Kadavu)
This great reef may not be as well-known as the Great Barrier in Australia, but it does attract a lot of manta rays and the soft coral is pleasing to the eye.

Magical Islands
One of the best preserved areas in all of Fiji. The area lacks a lot of the predators that prowl the main islands, allowing native wildlife to roam free and delight tourists. Kadavu also offers the perfect starting point for a dive along the Great Astrolabe Reef.
Catching the Fijian Fever | Official Website of 10 Magazine Asia

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