Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Roddenberrry Dive Team

Roddenberry Dive Team

Los Angeles, CA - Roddenberry Productions announces the formation of the new Roddenberry Dive Team. The Roddenberry Dive Team's mission is commitment to the promotion of education, exploration and stewardship of our oceans through safe diving activities. As a leader in the science fiction industry, RDT is passionate about incorporating the philanthropic ideals embedded in Star Trek into real world experiences for divers and non-divers around the world. We are committed to carrying on the legacy of vision and optimism that was handed down by Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry.

Founder and President, Eugene "Rod" Roddenberry is the only son of Gene & Majel Roddenberry and is an avid scuba diver who has worked for many years helping to support programs aimed at the education, exploration and stewardship of the oceans. Greg Martin, Executive Director of the Roddenberry Dive Team is also an active diver who has spent years introducing people to scuba diving.

The similarities between space exploration and ocean exploration are striking. While only a fraction of the earth's population will ever have the opportunity of going into outer space, just about anyone can learn to scuba dive and explore the strange new worlds of the oceans. With 94% of the oceans unexplored there is ample opportunity to help make a difference.

The Roddenberry Dive Team is for divers and non-divers alike. Like the international notoriety of Star Trek, the Dive Team will be conducting dives and educational programs around the world designed to get more people involved in scuba diving and to teach them how to preserve our precious oceans.

Memberships will be available beginning in June 2009 and more information is available on the Dive Team's web site, www.roddenberrydiveteam.com.

Only a handful of people will ever get to explore outer space but almost everyone can learn to scuba dive and boldly explore the underwater universe!

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