Saturday, 6 June 2009


National Geographic Television International (NGTI) today announces that it has acquired almost 20 hours of new programming from deals with four independent producers – two of which are new business partners.

Science title Catching Cancer (1 x 52) is being produced by Australia’s December Films, in association with Pemberton Films for ABC Australia. This fascinating programme asks whether cancer can be ‘caught’ and sets off on a global pursuit of infectious cancers, as well as the tools being developed to protect people. Using evocative computer animation, a cancer cell is tracked over its epic journey from ‘birth’ to ultimate domination and the rules of the cancer ‘lottery’ and the impact of germs are also revealed.

The second producer partner new to NGTI is underwater specialists Liquid Motion Film. Water Colours (3 x 50/6 x 25) is a new series filmed in the South Pacific, close to Liquid Motion’s base, and provides a pioneering breakthrough in communication between underwater species. Capturing spectacular images, it uncovers the truth about exactly how fish see and manipulate colours – and each other – in their world. Water Colours has already collected more than 20 international awards during its production, including Best Film at the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival and a Merit of Excellence at Celebrate the Sea Film Festival in Australia.

When Weather Changed History – Series 2 (14 x 47) is a new acquisition from US-based Towers Productions. Produced for the Weather Channel in the US, this innovative series investigates the impact of the weather on some notable events in history, including the D-Day Invasion in 1944, the sinking of the Titanic and the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. NGTI currently represents the first series of When Weather Changed History, in addition to a range of other Towers Productions factual titles.

Long-standing partner Essential Television & Film, based in the UK, brings a new ethnography title to the NGTI catalogue – Pokot: Male Circumcision Ceremonies (1 x 52). This extraordinary film will allow viewers to witness rituals that have never before been seen on film. Every 10 to 30 years (depending on issues such as drought or tribal warring) the Pokot people of Kenya hold their male circumcision ceremonies – where all uncircumcised men and boys come together for the most important celebration in their culture. With exclusive access, several initiates are followed through this mysterious month-long ceremony as they undergo dramatic days of communal discipline, lessons in manhood and Pokot sacred rituals.

Chris Fletcher, acting head of acquisitions and co-productions at NGTI comments: “The acquisitions market is extremely competitive at the moment but the National Geographic brand, coupled with our long-standing reputation in factual sales, continues to attract leading independent producers from around the world. I am delighted to welcome the intriguing new titles from Liquid Motion and December Films to our catalogue – and am happy that Essential Television & Film and Towers Productions continue to provide us with such excellent programming to represent.”

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