Wednesday, 27 May 2009

AWARE Our World, Our Water

Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibilty, and Education.

A book that overviews Coral Reef Ecology and Biology. It also has sections about threats to coral reefs, future solutions, and what you can do to help. Has a glossary too!

Read Project AWARE Our World, Our Water to learn about some of the serious problems facing today's aquatic ecosystems and find out how you can preserve these precious resources by implementing everyday solutions.

Whether you have a love for the oceans, lakes or rivers, or just like to enjoy a clean glass of drinking water, there's something in this book for you.

Download “AWARE Our World Our Water”
manual generously donated to
Project AWARE Foundation by PADI.

Note* This is a 10MB Adobe PDF document.
For faster download, right click on the link and
save the document on your hard drive.

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