Thursday, 16 April 2009

Underwater and Beach Cleanups

Take Action and Clean Up Local Dive Sites

At least 6 million tonnes of debris enters the world’s oceans each year, causing harm to underwater environments and wildlife. With unique access to the underwater world, scuba divers can help remove debris underwater, raise awareness and drive positive change.

Project AWARE Foundation is dedicated to addressing the devastating impacts of marine debris and coordinates global beach and underwater cleanups year round.

How can you help make clean waters a reality?

Scuba Divers and Water Enthusiasts

Volunteer today.
Search the online list of cleanup locations to find an event near you.

Please check back regularly for new event postings in your area and in the meantime learn about the ten things you can do to help keep waters debris free.

Dive Professionals and Organizers

Register your cleanup event.
Organize a local cleanup project with Project AWARE.

Receive the tools you need to get started and contribute data for long-term change. Read the
global cleanup stories and get inspiration for your event.

About International Cleanup Day 19th September 2009

Project AWARE’s longstanding International Cleanup Day event is the biggest underwater cleanup of its kind. Held annually on the 3rd Saturday in September each year, more than 370,000 volunteers clean over 33,000 miles of shoreline to remove seven million pounds of rubbish.

Project AWARE partners with dedicated scuba divers to clean the world’s oceans, lakes, rivers and shorelines. These volunteers take part in practical cleanup solutions and collect data which is vital to addressing global debris issues. Cleanup and data collection activities are supported by Project AWARE Foundation, partners and volunteers on an ongoing basis to reform, inform, educate and legislate.

Report data
Marine debris facts

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Underwater and Beach Cleanups

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