Saturday, 11 April 2009 DDNet Trip Report Nai'a

DDNet Trip Report
Where: Bligh Water Fiji
When: 05/27/2006 - 06/03/2006
By: johnu
Type: Live-aboard
Accomodations: Nai'a
Dive operator: Nai'a
Overall photography friendliness: Excellent
Camera tables/prep area: Not applicable
Camera rinse tanks: Good
Charging facilities: Excellent
Voltage: 110-120 AC
Let me begin by saying that the Fijian people are some of the nicest people you will EVER encounter!
Travel into Fiji was extremely easy with direct flights to/From LA.

Upon arrival we spent a couple days at the Beachside Resort, close to Nadi (take note: Very nice place, not beachside).

On boarding day we were picked up and transported to the ship in a full size motor coach. This was nice as it was very comfortable and we only made a few pick up stops on the way.

Upon arrival at the ship we were greeted by the crew and welcomed aboard. We NEVER touched a bag, everything was loaded by the crew. During a short briefing we were given cabin assignments and our bags were delivered to our rooms.

Our dive bags were set out in the dive ready area for us to begin to prepare for the afternoon "check out" dive. This is a very efficiant crew/boat! The dive prep area is actually mid ship and allows foe PLENTY of room to suit up. You then just walk to the back of thip to board skiffs for the short ride to all dive sites. This works very well as such a large vessel cannot anchor close to dive sites. It also allows divers to return to the ship when done with their dive rather than wait for everyone to surface. This allowed us to maximize bottom time and get a few more macro shots in on each dive.

The Diving:

What can I say? The diving was GREAT!
Fiji really deserves her title as the soft coral capital of the world.
Unbelieveable colors, killer macro & countless fish (at least 90+ species on every bommie). Current was managable and kept the soft corals happy and this years bleaching was minimal in most areas. I was bit surprised at the small number of large fish and turtles. I supose this is a byproduct of local fishing although there where no outward signs of it.Most of the dives are on Bommies, tall pinacles that rise from deep water. This makes profiles easy as you will always end up at about 15-20ft with plenty of air/nitrox remaining. This allows for plenty of time for a safety stop and for chasing clownfish around and trying to get then to hold still ;o)
On your first couple dives, stick with a divemaster! These guys are really good at critter finding! A beautiful hairy ghost pipefish is a good example! It could have been swimming around inside my mask and I don't think I would have seen it without help.

Overall, the diving was top notch and I would recomend it to anyone. If you have never been diving in the South Pacific, this would be a great place to start and the best liveaboard I have ever been on! Period!

I will be returning to Fiji very soon! Not just for the diving, but also for the people. It truly is a wonderful place.

Best Fishes,


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