Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fiji Scuba Diving in Vanua Levu by Adventure Brat

This is Fiji’s second largest Island with several untouched sites for those wishing to venture off from their Fiji diving resort.

There is a lot of great Fiji dive resorts around Savusavu Bay which has great underwater scenery and a diverse fish population.

Experienced divers looking for a good drift dive head toward Nasonisoni Passage. Here you can expect to find a fast drift dive through a narrow current swept channel.

Dreadlocks is a great place to check out tiny underwater critters and can appeal to all skill levels for.

Another heroic Fiji dive spot is Barracuda Point and yes, as the name implies you are likely to spot schools of barracudas around 25 meters.

Fiji Dive Resorts by Adventure Brat

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