Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fiji Scuba Diving In Taveuni by Adventure Brat

Rain forests, waterfalls and all things tropic. Taveuni is often called the garden island for obvious reasons and you can expect the same thing underwater. The Somosomo Strait has achieved Shangri-la status in the diving community from the narrow stretch of ocean that is funneled between Taveuni and Vanua. This Fiji scuba dive area is dubbed rainbow reef and you can expect to find lots of vertical walls. At the beginning of Somosomo Strait you will find one of Fiji’s signature dives called the great white wall. Here you find an incredible wall and drift dive with lots of white coral (kinda lavender) that resembles a snow caped ski slope. Not far from here you will hit Rainbow Passage with features like large reefs and marine life in every color of the rainbow. This is truely a great place to check in to many Fiji dive resorts.
Drift dives are some of the best diving in Fiji and a great experience and the sights are usually a bit more exotic since the currents brig life to the coral from channeling nutrients their way. Most of the Fiji diving resorts keep a close eye on inexperianced divers. When the current flows the corals bloom into their beauty. Drift dives in Fiji usually take place along a large stretch of ocean and a boat follows the divers progression and bubbles. If you have the experience it might not be a bad idea to embark on a drift dive when you are staying at a Fiji dive resort

Fiji Dive Resorts by Adventure Brat

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