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Top 100 Dives of the World

Top 100 Dives of the World
Here are the top 100 dive sites as voted for by SCUBA Travel visitors. We asked for your top two dive sites and your comments on those that came close. We compiled the results by hand, with the runners-up coming into play where there was a tie for a position. For links to descriptions of the dives go to
1. Yongala, Australia
2. Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia
3. Thistlegorm, Egyptian Red Sea
The Thistlegorm 4. Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island
5. Shark and Yolanda Reef, Egyptian Red Sea
6. Navy Pier, Western Australia
7. Manta Ray Night Dive, Kailua Kona, Hawaii
8. Elphinstone Reef, Egyptian Red Sea
9. Great Blue Hole, Belize
10. Ras Mohammed, Egyptian Red Sea
11. Richelieu Rock, Thailand
12. Sha'ab Rumi South, Sudan
13. Liberty, Bali, Indonesia
14. Great White Wall, Tavieuni Fiji
15. Big Brother, Egyptian Red Sea
16. President Coolidge, Vanuatu
17. Sodwana bay, South Africa
18. Blue Hole, Dahab, Egyptian Red Sea
19. Poor Knights, New Zealand
20. Bloody bay wall, Little Cayman
21. Straits of Tiran, Egyptian Red Sea
22. Osprey Reef, Coral Sea, Australia
23. Manta reef, Mozambique
24. Tubbataha, Palawan, Philippines
25. Cod Hole, Northern Great Barrier Reef
26. Ulong Channel, Palau
27. Grand Central Station, Gizo, Solomon Islands
28. Darwin Island, Galapagos
29. Fish Rock, Off South West Rocks in NSW, Australia
30. Similans, Thailand
31. Wolf Island, Galapogos
32. Jackson Reef, Egypt
33. Puerto Galera, Philippines
34. Mnemba Island, Tanzania
35. Stingray City, Grand Cayman
Daedelus 36. Daedelus, Egyptian Red Sea
37. Protea Banks, South Africa
38. The Zenobia, Cyprus
39. Darwin Arch, Galapagos
40. Barra Reef, Mozambique
41. St Johns, Egypt
42. Blue Hole,Gozo, Malta
43. Cirkewwa, Malta
44. Pedras Secas, Noronha, Brazil
45. Holmes Reef, Coral Sea, Australia
46. Shark Alley, Grand Cayman
47. Half Moon Wall, Belize
48. Hin Muang, Thailand
49. Sipadan Drop Off
50. Dos Ojos (Los Cenotes), Playa del Carmen, Mexico
51. Peleliu Express, Palau
52. The Canyons, Utila, Honduras
53. Ghiannis D, Egypt
The Booroo 54. Booroo, Isle of Man
55. Pixie pinnacle and pixie wall, GBR, Australia
56. Wreck of the Bahama Mama, New Providence, Bahamas
57. Canibal Rock, Komodo, Indonesia
58. Gili air, Indonesia
59. The Point, Layang - Layang
60. Rainbow Warrier, New Zealand
61. Aliwal Shoal, South Africa
62. Turtle tavern, Sipadan
63. Los testigos islands, Venezuela
64. Gordon's Rock, Galapagos
65. Perpendicular wall, Christmas Island, Australia
66. Japanese Gardens, Koh Tao, Thailand
67. The Express, Kuredu, Maldives
68. Garuae Pass, Fakarava Island, French Polynesia
69. Blockship Tabarka, Scapa Flow, Orkney
70. Hanging Garden, Sipadan
71. Wakaya Passage,Fiji
72. Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel, Mexico
73. Toucari Caves, Dominica
74. Joel's, PNG
75. Tiputa Pass, Rangiroa, Polynesia
76. Diamond Rocks, Kilkee, Ireland
77. Fujikawa Maru, Truk Lagoon (Chuuk Lagoon)
78. Sugar Wreck, Grand Bahama Island
The Umbria 79. Umbria, Sudan
80. Office, Mozambique
81. South Point, Sipadan
82. Chios island, Greece
83. Palancanar Bricks, Cozumel, Mexico
84. Bay of Pigs, Cuba
85. Tiputa pass, Rangiroa, New Zealand
86. Fish Factory, Vuna Reef, Taveuni, Fiji
87. Shark Fin Point, Fiji
88. Great Basses reef, Sri Lanka
89. East Timor
90. Cenotes, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico
91. Marbini Padre, Malaysia
92. Eddystone Reef
93. Malpelo Island, Colombia
94. Shark Point, Solomon Islands
95. Molokini Crater Wall, Hawaii
96. Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island
97. Split rock, Kadavu Isle. Fiji
98. Raja Empat, Papua, Indonesia
99. Amed Wall II, Indonesia
100. Seal rocks, NSW, Australia

SCUBA News (ISSN 1476-8011): Issue 100


Zuri said...

It is good to know that the Galapagos Islands are still amongst the Top 100 Dives in the World. Galapagos is famous for its encounters with "the big animals", and not for its crystal-clear waters or numerous colorful reef fishes.

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Scuba Gear said...

This is a great list! It's a must try for any scuba diving enthusiast.