Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Scuba dive adventures to Fiji with Wet Cat Scuba

Fiji is one of the truly under-discovered gems of the Pacific. This archipelago of 300 islands has some of the most beautiful reefs, friendliest people and greatest values for travelers anywhere.

Foreign currencies remain advantageously exchanged for the Fijian dollar, versus the Euro exchange in Tahiti by comparison.

Our motto is "Why Hula when you can Bula!" with all-inclusive facilities allowing meals, water toys, and other activities literally included, you can save hundreds $$ by comparison to Hawaii resort stays! Enjoy the hospitality that has not yet seen the results of full commercial development.

Each island group has its own special allure and your destination specialist can help you choose that perfect spot for your dive vacation or tropical escape.

Scuba dive adventures to Fiji with Wet Cat Scuba

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