Monday, 20 October 2008

Scuba Diving Magazine - The Heart of Fiji

Welcome to Bligh Water and the Koro Sea, where fast currents, colorful soft corals and abundant sharks add up to serious diving fun.

Whenever people ask, "Where's your favorite place to dive?" my answer is always the same: "Fiji--because no matter how great I tell you it is, it will exceed your expectations."

There has never been a better time to dive this Pacific archipelago of some 300 islands scattered over one million square miles of ocean. There are plenty of options for getting here, staying here and diving here, but the islands are still blessedly free of the crush of cruise ships, wall to wall dive shops, jaded locals and overdevelopment. Add to the mix Fiji's fascinating culture, exceptionally friendly people and lush, mountainous topside landscape, then throw in for good measure the nearly 400 coral species and over 1,200 varieties of fish, and this island nation is quite possibly the perfect destination for divers.

Scuba Diving Magazine - The Heart of Fiji

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