Saturday, 11 October 2008

A Perfect Dive Vacation: Fiji, the South Pacific

Top 10 Reef Dives

There are numerous great diving spots throughout the world, and to any diver who may have been fortunate enough to tackle most of them, Fiji would be considered the perfect dive vacation. It incorporates the best of diving in a true Polynesian way—clear visibility, warm water temperatures, a virginal quality and uncrowded experience, plus the full spectrum of color and shape in the coral.

The ever-present currents are to thank for the brilliant coral display. The flowing water carries nutrients that keep marine life healthy and the reefs enriched. The “soft coral capital of the world” offers an amazing variety of dive sites. The northern island group is top-tier diving and most easily accessible in Fiji. Just off the southern side of Kadavu, the Great Astrolabe Reef is the world’s fourth largest barrier reef. Diving here has been called the best in Fiji, particularly for those who want to get away from the more frequented dive spots up north.

No matter which submerged sites you choose to explore, you are guaranteed a dazzling show. Just be sure to enjoy some quality time on land as well—the onshore attractions and relaxed island vibe rate pretty high, too.

A Perfect Dive Vacation: Fiji, the South Pacific

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