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Tokoriki Diving, Fiji: Tokoriki Diving: Giant Clams Regeneration Project

Tokoriki Diving, Fiji: Tokoriki Diving: Giant Clams Regeneration Project

Fluted ClamThe Giant Clam is one of the most fascinating inhabitants of the Fijian reefs. It is a creature of great beauty and wonder to snorkeling and diving guests alike. It is also impressive to say the least—the species tridacna gigas if allowed to reach full maturity can grow to the size of a bathtub! Indeed in the Lau Islands of Fiji the Islanders still use the shell of tridacna gigas as babies’ baths!

Sadly the reefs and pinnacles surrounding Tokoriki Island have been depleted of their stocks of certain species of Giant Clams. A serious cause for concern especially when one considers the odds nature itself has stacked up against the Giant Clam.

Dive Tropex Tokoriki in conjunction with PADI Project AWARE and the Ministry of Fisheries have initiated ‘The Tokoriki Island Giant Clam Regeneration Project’. Three Species of Clams: tridacna gigas (Giant), tridacna squamosa (Fluted) and tridacna derasa (Smooth) have been planted around Tokoriki Island. This is a significant conservation step for Fiji as our tridacna gigas and tridacna derasa are the first of their species to be reintroduced to Western Fiji—having become extinct in Fiji in the 1960s.

The Clams are protected, monitored and maintained by Dive Tropex Tokoriki.

Interested Scuba Diving Guests and Discover Scuba Divers (Resort Divers) are invited to support our project by doing a dive to our conservation site just three minutes away from Tokoriki. In addition to the three planted species ‘Magic Mushrooms’ is home to another three species of clams—the maxima, the crocus (rare) and the extremely rare endemic Terove’s Clam. Clams aside it’s also an excellent dive for macro lovers, with active fish life and nice soft corals. Press Release from December 19th, 2000.

Our Giant Clam reef has recently been included in the Tokoriki Island Resort Marine Reserve, which should ensure the protection of the clams and bring a further increase in fish population.

Tokoriki Diving, Fiji: Tokoriki Diving: Giant Clams Regeneration Project

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