Thursday, 7 August 2008


One of the ReefBase's main focuses is to maintain a global repository of
coral bleaching data to support coral reef monitoring and related
research. There rises an urgent need to obtain a more complete
information and data on coral bleaching as the phenomenon continues to
emerge as one of the most significant and widespread threat to coral
reefs around the world. 

The gathering of coral bleaching information is hence a key action to
the scientific understanding and the prediction of the fate of coral
reefs- subsequently to develop feasible and effective management
strategies. Hence, ReefBase has strived to maintain the most up-to-date
global database on coral bleaching events available, as well as a
comprehensive collection of images and reports related to bleaching. 

1.        If you have any information on bleaching events (anywhere
around the world), please submit a bleaching report to ReefBase using a
form available here

2.        Other data relating to coral bleaching can also be submitted in
the form of publication references, photos and maps

4.       These data will then be synthesized and integrated into graphs
and ReefGIS maps, which has been a useful data resource for many studies
concerning coral bleaching.
5.       ReefBase also provide a global protocol for assessment and
monitoring of coral bleaching -  developed by the WorldFish Center and
WWF which can be downloaded here
<> . 


Alternatively, the ReefBase team would definitely like to hear any
questions or suggestions regarding datasets of coral bleaching by
dropping me an email. 

Thank you all in advance for the kind contribution.


Evelyn Teh

Research Assistant

ReefBase Project

The WorldFish Center

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