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Aqua Lung Legend LX/ACD/Supreme Review from Scuba Review

Aqua Lung Legend LX ACD

Aqua Lung’s top of the line regulator series is the Aqualung Legend. This regulator comes in a few different variations. There is the Aqualung Legend, the Aqua Lung Legend LX, and The Aqualung Legend Supreme. Each one of this regulators also comes with an ACD option. ACD stands for Auto Closure Device. This is a very neat feature that closes the inlet fitting of the first stage (both on YOKE and DIN) as soon as the regulator is disconnected from the cylinder valve. This feature presents a few advantages:

  • It keeps water and contaminants out of the regulator’s first stage during rinsing and storage.
  • It allows the first stage to maintain peak performance over time.
  • The first stage will retain its internal lubrication for longer.
  • It Makes the first stage safer for Nitrox use.

All of the regulator in the Legend series use over-balanced diaphragm first stage with a dry seal environmental kit. The over-balance feature allows the intermediate pressure in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient pressure, resulting in more responsive inhalation.

The first stage has two high-pressure (HP) ports and four low-pressure (LP) ports. The ports are aligned and angled for optimum hose routing.

The second stage is also pneumatically balanced. It comes with Vane Adjustment Switches (VAS). The difference between the standard version and the LX version is that the LX versions come with a breathing-resistance knob that allows you to dial in or out on your inhalation effort at depth. Performance wise, these regulators are identical.

The second stage also comes in a yellow Octopus Version, here it is:

Aqualung Legend Octopus

All of the Aqua Lung Legend models allow you to choose between a Comfo-Bite or a standard mouthpiece. The Legend Supreme and Supreme LX are considered to be the cold water versions of the regulator. They include a rubber shield that fits over the mouthpiece to keep lips warm. Most divers agree that this is very effective and really does keep the lips warmer than usual.

These regulators offer really great performance in various conditions and very easy breathing. They are also very easy to adjust. Scuba Diving Magazine gave this regulators a Simulator Score of 25 out of possible 25.

Here is a simple explanation on how the ACD feature works:

Aqua Lung ACD Feature

When the regulator is off of the scuba cylinder, spring pressure forces the inlet crown upwards against head of the center valve post effectively sealing the regulator closed. This prevents contaminants and moisture from entering the first stage.

When the regulator is clamped onto the scuba cylinder, the inlet crown retracts thereby exposing the gas inlet in the center valve post. This provides a steady flow of breathing gas to the first stage without any restrictions.

AquaLung ACD Feature

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