Thursday, 5 June 2008

Bune Launches Environment Week

(Fiji Government Online)
The Minister of Environment Poseci Bune today officially launched the National Environment Week (June 5 – 10) in Sigatoka.

In his address, the honorable Minister said “this is my first obligation since becoming the first Minister of Environment and I have been advised that it will not be the last since the promotional activities for the protection of our natural environment have been scheduled throughout the rest of 2006 and as a matter of fact the campaigns for protecting and conserving Fiji’s environment should be on going into the future.”

Mr Bune said Fiji is very fortunate to be part of the United Nations and also being part of various international and regional environmental agreements or conventions and their related protocols which allows us to be part of the global environmental programs.

He said for the various agreements to succeed, it requires the effort of the government, the private sector, academic institutions and local communities.

However, “this calls for the setting aside of differences we have at all levels that is economic, social and even political levels so that the appropriate resources and efforts are channeled during this week towards the protection of Fiji’s natural environment week.”

Fiji now has a legislation in the Environment Management Act of 2005 to establish guiding regulations and standards to comply with and the deterrent penalties for not complying.

Furthermore, the Environment Ministry is putting into place the strategies that would control the generation, use, storage and disposal of all types of waste. Associated with this is the determination of the the appropriate levels of adverse impacts of new development activities on the environment.

The theme for this year’s National Environment Week is “Right to Life” and the sub theme is “The Survival of each species of plants and animals is the only insurance for our own survival.”

Mr Bune said this would set the direction of our thoughts and deeds during this week and hopefully for the rest of the year.

Pacific Magazine: FIJI: Bune Launches Environment Week

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