Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Real Men Wear Utilikilts - News - Travel Gear Blog

As a Scotsman who is into the Outdoors, I just couldn't go past this post at http://www.travelgearblog.com

Real Men Wear Utilikilts - News - Travel Gear Blog:

"Real Men Wear Utilikilts
By Mika | Permalink | No Comments | January 4th, 2007 | Trackback

Real Men Wear UtilikiltsAt one of the many coffee shops around Portland that I swing by to grab a morning cup o’ joe, I spotted a guy sporting a Utilikilt. It’s not my first time seeing a kilt wearer, but I’d say they’re fairly rare on this side of the pond.

After chatting with our new friend, an REI employee, he agreed to let me take a picture with my new T-mobile Dash smartphone (more to come on the Dash another day) to post here on Travel Gear Blog.

If you see him running around Portland - and you might, as these kilts are donned more days than not for him, be sure to say hi. But remember, it’s culturally insensitive to ask whether it’s worn in true Scotsman style."

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