Sunday, 25 August 2013

Fiji featured on ScubaEarth

Fiji is world renowned for having some of the most friendliest and welcoming people on earth. It’s a culture that lives the word, bula, which literally means life, but is used as a common greeting expressing a feeling of sincere welcome. It’s a place that you could leave your kids at the local village for the day and know they’ll be well taken care of. It’s also romantic and full of exotic tropical adventure. And, underwater, it’s a place that explodes with color, especially of the soft coral variety, which gives Fiji its nickname as the soft coral capital of the world.

But, you might miss the multihued forests while distracted by such cool marine life as blue ribbon eels, sea turtles, tridacna clams and clouds of anthias. Most of the sites feel the rush of current, which keeps the soft corals nice and plump.

Above the water, you’ll want to end each day as the Fijians do, around the ceremonial kava bowl, a drink that has a great relaxing effect that will ensure each day ends with a smile. Bula!

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