Monday, 11 March 2013

Brand New Yachting and Cruising Guide to Fiji Launched!

Great diving section in here!

 In celebration of the growing yacht tourism industry in Fiji, a new and comprehensive guide to the shores and marinas of Fiji has been published this week, A Mariners Guide to FIJI Shores & Marinas. 
The 244-page guide has been the brainchild of two local women entrepreneurs, Andrée Matson Yee and Heidi Williams-Moy.
Andrée, the Art Director, stated, “It’s like an in-flight magazine, but for tourists sailing here rather than flying. The guide is designed for people who have the time and resources to explore; people with no timetable or deadline, people who can reach the farthest islands easily, transporting with them their supplies and accommodation that makes visiting places that would otherwise be restricted, possible.”

See: FIJI Shores and Marinas

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