Sunday, 18 October 2009

Diving couple find Fiji facinating - Fiji Times Online

A FINNISH couple travelled halfway around the world to spend their honeymoon in New Zealand but plummeting temperatures brought them to Fiji instead.

Jani Latinen, 28, and Eeva-Maria Rituanen, 27, landed in Fiji last Friday and boarded the Captain Cook Cruises boat Reef Escape for a three-day cruise around the southern Yasawa islands.

"We had a fabulous time despite the overcast weather and intermittent showers.

"The scuba diving and snorkelling was phenomenal.

"We have never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world," they said.

Before coming to Fiji, the couple who now reside in Luxembourg, said they did not know anything about Fiji apart from Fiji Water.

"New Zealand was nice but too cold. Someone suggested Fiji and, acting on a whim, we booked our flight and came.

"It was the best decision we have made by far.

"We still can't get over the friendliness of the people and the relatively untouched beauty of the islands," said wide-eyed Jani.

The newly-wed couple were so impressed that they have promised to return to our shores in the near future.

"We will definitely be visiting Fiji again.There is so much culture and more interesting places to see and places to dive here," they said.

Diving couple find Fiji facinating - Fiji Times Online


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