Wednesday, 4 February 2009


A world wide ecological project

built by the people for the community

(This blog’s seed has just been planted, so you may be witnessing ongoing changes)

Thank you for joining the ekolibrium Web blog. We are aware of the amount of information in this blog… words, words and more words, but we really think that the project is worth it.

Before going any further with the explanation of ekolibirum’s exciting birth, life and evolution, we would like to point out an important fact: ekolibrium has no capital “e” because ekolibrium considers everyone as an equal in front of the “Big Blue”, our planet!

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ekolibrium’s Strategy

“A clever person solves a problem,

a wise person avoids it”

-Albert Einstein

Well, we don’t know if Einstein’s theory will stand for us but we will do our best in order to be wise enough to avoid problems and clever enough to compensate our lack of awareness.

Through this section, you will know about our strategy and the paths we will take.

Will our strategy cross our expectations or shall we be the witnesses and victims of our ignorance?

Since this project started almost one year ago, our strategy already changed many times, not because the preview strategies were not good enough but because we had to reconsider it for each new born information. Ekolibrium’s Weblog

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